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Top 3 Resources to get for Nursing School: A Nursing Professor's Guide

As a nursing professor, students frequently ask me for the best NCLEX review book with practice questions or the most helpful resources to support their learning. Well, I've reviewed and trialed many resources over the years, and I'm sharing my Top 3 here. Students who use them always tell me how useful they are, and that they are worth the cost because they can be used throughout nursing school and beyond.

The Best NCLEX REview Book:

Practice questions are the best way to prepare for an exam or the NCLEX. I always recommend doing at least 20-30 practice questions every single day. This review book comes with thousands of questions in the textbook itself and then thousands more with the online access code. All of the questions come with rationales and strategies to increase your chance of getting the question right. The online test bank comes in study mode, assessment mode, or exam mode. You can select categories and subcategories to test yourself on. The latest editions also have NGN-style questions like bow-tie and trends, as well as case study types.

The Best NGN Practice Book:

There is a new edition of the textbook coming out in February 2024- you can pre-order now or purchase the first edition. The book is AMAZING. It has the NGN question types, it has case studies for all core content areas of the NGN test plan, and it has an access code to more online resources. The new version will have ALL of the new NGN question types. The case studies give you practice with the 6 steps of the clinical judgment measurement model- Recognize cues, Analyze cues, Prioritize hypotheses, Generate solutions, Take action, and Evaluate outcomes. Just like the NGN case studies! Plus, answers are in the back so you can check your answers and most importantly- read the rationales.

The Best Drug Guide:

I love the layout of this drug guide. It has everything you need to complete your drug cards. There is also a section in the beginning that organizes drug by classifications and the nursing implications for each- the best way to study drugs!

And that's my top 3!

Good luck!

Professor C.



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