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Create 10 NCLEX-Style Exam Questions for Me


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Introducing my NCLEX-Style Exam Question making service! I create NCLEX-style questions for major nursing textbook companies as one of my part-time jobs. I will create 10 NCLEX-style questions for you to use as practice or in your classroom or on your exams. You will get 10 unique multiple choice or select-all-that-apply questions at $6.00 per question.

Each question will include:

  • Question stem

  • Answer choices- 4 for multiple choice, 5 for select all that apply.

  • Rationales for all answer choices

  • Content area

  • Client need

  • Cognitive level

  • Concept

How this works:

  1. Purchase this service

  2. Email the concept or topic you would like the questions to cover- more specific the better. If possible, attach a file/pdf with readings.

  3. Include the number of multiple choice and select-all-that-apply questions. For example, 8 multiple choice and 2 select-all-that-apply.

  4. Include your order number in the subject line.

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